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The Real you

Once you realize who you really are and what you are made of, you realize that

you are the most precious gift you can give yourself in this life. You are the one gift that will make you enjoy all the others.

Let’s explore this together!   

Who are you?

If I ask you: who are you? There are good chances that you tell me your name.

And if I ask you again: who are you? You will probably tell me where you were born, who your parents are, where you grew up, went to school, the kind of job you have, if you are married, etc.

From there, if I ask you to tell me more about who you are, you might go a bit more in detail and tell me about what you do aside from work: your hobbies, your habits, etc. 

But, is this really who you are? Or is this just information about you?... 

Let’s say we go a bit deeper. Maybe then, you will tell me about some of your thoughts and beliefs as well as some of the values that you stand for. Maybe you will tell me about some of your memories, fears, emotions and dreams, etc.

In the end, you might have a lot to tell me and I might learn a lot about you and your life, but still, is this really who you are?

In fact, we have learned to interpret our information, labels, status, habits,

circumstances, stories, thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, fears and emotions and all kinds of things as who we are. 

And we are so busy trying to make sense of it all. Identifying ourselves to it, rejecting it, loving it, judging it, blaming it, cursing it or accumulating it as if our life depends on it. When in the end, we are not any of it.

This is eventually why for so many people (more and more actually), life feels superficial and empty. This is why so many people feel lost, stuck, frustrated, depressed with their existence. They have accumulated many things, informations, thoughts, habits but themselves are missing from their own life.

So, here is something to consider :

You are energy. More precisely, you are spirit. This spirit is infinite and pure consciousness, pure love (we all are). 

And you have a soul. 

Your soul is more like your true identity  

Let’s put it this way : the spirit is like a vast ocean where we all are from and part of. 

The soul is a drop of this ocean that contains its own color and taste which makes it different from any other drop.  

Now, in order to go through this journey on earth, you received a vehicle: your body, as well as a program to operate the body and navigate through life : your mind (that include your ego). 

Your ego is responsible for your protection, it uses desires and fears to do so : I want, I need (food, sleep, sex, comfort, security, recognition, etc).

When your life will be over, you will let go of your body, your mind and ego as well as everything external. Only your soul will remain, always connected to the spirit. 

That is why anything you try to be, do and choose in this life that is not aligned with your soul and spirit will eventually not work nor be fulfilling to you, in the end. 

That is also why mindfulness and meditation are so satisfying and nurturing.

It allows the practitioner to create the space, the inner quietness necessary to put aside information, thoughts, emotions and truly connect to their own presence and essence (soul, spirit). 

Making this kind of experience regularly has numerous benefits, especially: finding, experiencing one’s own truth and feeling fulfilled by this truth, at peace.

The inner journey of self discovery, despite being the most beautiful one, is also the most challenging. It requests dedication, humility, courage, patience, perseverance.

In the end, it takes a lifetime to heal and explore who you are but there are many rewards waiting on the way, including: you. 

This era, I believe,  is requiring from us to think again about who we are, what we do, how we exist, as well as what we truly need and want. From there, we will find the solutions to the problems and challenges of our time.  

What I can help you with: 

  • Understanding where you are at and what is the next step for you. 

  • Cleansing and harmonizing your energies to facilitate the work.

  • Guiding you during mentoring sessions and helping you acquire a deeper sense of what you are made of, what your journey is about as well as how to get to the next step. 


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