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Intro + Energy check up (optional) 

Let’s connect and take a moment to talk about you, your goals and expectations.

If appropriate, I will evaluate and interpret your energies on different plans (body, mind, soul, spirit, past lives). Based on the results, I will share what modality would be best for you as well as how I can support you the best on your life's journey.

I will answer your questions and give you the informations you need about my services.

This intro + energy assessment can be done over the phone, online or onsite. 

30mins intro-session : $50 

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Access Bars 


"All of life comes to me with ease joy and glory” 

The "Bars" from "Access consciousness®" are 32 unique points on the head that correlate to different areas and aspects of life.

During an Access Bars session, the practitioner gently touches these points to release the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that may have limited you in the concerned life areas.

The result is a sense of deep relaxation, clarity, peace as well as an invitation to create new possibilities and choices in our life.

Furthermore, If you feel called by this modality and want to go deeper into it, I will introduce you to the “access consciousness clearings statements, tools and processes.”

Practicing them together at the beginning of each session will reinforce greatly the work done with the “bars.”

And you will be able to use them by yourself, in your daily life. It will help you center yourself, grow your consciousness, access what is light and true for you, about you and about your life.

Practiced diligently this can be a game changer for any sensitive or highly sensitive people as you will be able to clear and release absorbed surrounding energies within seconds, as you go.

Onsite only

1 hour Access bars  $100

1.5 hour Access bars  $150

2 hours Access bars  $180



You are made of energy, 


Your vibration, the energetic frequency that your molecules vibrate on, creates your whole life experience, inside and outside.


The higher your frequency vibrates, the lighter you will feel at any level of your being (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).

When your vibration is high, you experience clarity, peace, love, joy, trust, power, health, comfort…  

Depending your condition, and ability to heal, I will use different modalities to help you recover, realign, and

re-harmonize your whole being while raising your vibration.  


I will work on your different plans of incarnation to free you from any past and present heavy energies hooks, blocages, vows, contracts, curses, karmic debts…etc.


I will re-activate your energy systems and energy bodies, and restore your connection to heaven and earth. These processes can help to heal your soul and spirit and help you recover your natural abilities, divine energies and lightness of being.

Onsite or Online

1 hour One on one mentorship $100

1.5 hour One on one mentorship $150

2 hours One on one mentorship $180

Energy Space Clearing 

Forest Grass

Everything is made of energy.


Everything vibrates to a certain frequency level, ranging from light to dark and everything is constantly emitting and receiving energy. Including you and me. 


Surrounding energies play an important role in our well being. They can either support or drain and affect us negatively: our life, health, relationships, etc…


This service is designed to help you improve the quality of your personal environment. Circulating, clearing  stagnant or dark energies that are creating disruption in your house, building, office or land. And raising the vibration of your environment.  


Each case is different and can be simple or complex. The duration and number of a sessions will depend on the situation. 

Book an "intro-session" to talk about it. 

One on One Mindfulness


Misty Sunbeams

What are the habits, beliefs and programs that keep you from having access to yourself?

How to reconnect and access your own wisdom, your own light and live a truly nurturing and fulfilling life?


Depending on your goals and needs: 

We will cover different topics, the basics of mindfulness and energy principles.

We will practice relaxation, mindful breathing, energy circulation, meditation, etc… 


I will help you understand and manage your mind, energy and wellbeing in your daily life. 


This process will bring you clarity, ease, confidence and a new sense of happiness based on consciousness.

Onsite or Online

1 hour One on one mentorship $100

1.5 hour One on one mentorship $150



The word Reiki comes from the Japanese root words: “Rei” which means “soul/spirit” and “Ki” which is “life force energy or vital energy”. Therefore, Reiki can be translated to “spiritually guided life energy.”

Reiki acts on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.  It is a method of energy healing that aims to release stress, tension and blockages from the mind and body. The goal is to promote natural health and wellness, physical and emotional balance, and happiness in the mind and body. It is a natural and gentle holistic practice that supports each individual’s innate abilities to heal and recover their natural health. 

During a Reiki session, the practitioner channels universal life energy and circulates it through the client’s body through their hands.  

Reiki energy is very soothing, nurturing and comforting. 

Onsite or Online

1 hour Reiki session  $100 

1.5 hour Reiki session  $150 

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Family constellation 

Family constellation is about understanding and clarifying inter-personal dynamics, based on the fact that everyone has the power and responsibility to own themself, their life and behaviors. 

I use it to clear heavy contracts, energetic blockages, toxic dynamics, patterns and hooks within the family or relationships. 

It contributes greatly to the healing of issues and abuses that take their roots in the past or present and have a no longer desired impact on you and your life. 

It brings back harmony, balance, freedom and power with consciousness. 

Onsite only

1 hour Family constellation  $100 

1.5 hour Family constellation  $150

2 hour Family constellation  $180

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