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My services are grounded in my extended personal and professional experience in mindfulness, energy work, intuitive and spiritual healing.

Working with me as you walk your life's journey will give you access to my years of expertise.

You will gain a new sense of freedom, based on consciousness and choice as well as a new sense of happiness centered within yourself.


Spirituality (non-religious) has been a major part of my life and healing process. It helped me to remember who I was at the very beginning of my life, what is my true nature and what choices I have in this life.

I am a certified Reiki Master (Usui, Karuna Ki and Shambhala), Energy Channel and Access bars practitioner. 

For 5 years. I have been trained in and taught “Sundo” (Taoist Yoga: Deep mind/body and energy work through stretching, breathing, taping, massage and meditation).

Along the many years of my own healing and spiritual journey I learned for myself then practiced and shared with my family, friends and clients: family constellations, meditation, and space energy clearing.



Our habits, comfort and numbness hold our heaviness, limitations and darkness. They keep us away from our authentic happiness, creativity and consciousness.

This era is requiring from us to clear the conditioning we bought, received and learned. For this to happen, we need to wake up and do the effort of asking ourself real honest questions, open our mind to new perspectives and to all kind of answers. We need to be willing to change.

I believe that in order to heal, humanity and the earth need more awakened people. People that are conscious of their true essence and potency, able to shine their happiness and make better choices for the benefit of all beings and in harmony with the earth.

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