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Important Information

Dear client 


Thank you for opening this page, it contains important information that I would like you to have before we meet.

I invite you to bring any questions and concern to my attention.

Thank you.



I understand that energy work and mindfulness involve natural methods of energy balancing, stress reduction and relaxation. They are intended to support the natural healing abilities of the receiver as supplements but do not substitute medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment.

I understand that the practitioner does not diagnose conditions, nor does he prescribes substances, nor interfere with the treatment provided by a licensed medical professional. It is recommended that I see a licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment I have.

I also understand that Reiki, Access bars and  are energetic healing methodologies, which involves touch and laying on of hands.

I understand that I will be fully clothed during the sessions and the practitioner's hands will touch or rest lightly on my body.


If, at any time, you are uncomfortable, please let your practitioner know and he can switch positions or use the "floating hands" method (). There is no difference in the benefit experienced by using hands-on versus floating hands over your body. Should you desire to alternate positions during the treatment, please feel free to ask your practitioner to do so.


Cancelation policy

In order to cancel or change an appointment, I require that you CALL me at least 48 hours in advance. If you reach the voice-mail, please leave a detailed message.

Failure to attend a scheduled appointment without giving me the required 48 hours advance notice might result in the payment of a $40 fee 

Emergency appointment cancellations and changes will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

If late for an appointment, I will attempt to offer the best possible service within the time left. However the appointment will end at the agreed time with no adjustment to the fee.

If you arrive 25 mins late or more, I reserve myself the right to cancel and charge a $40 fee

Thank you for your understanding.


Private Information

I do not share any personal information

with any one.


Possible Side effects


Depending on your condition and the kind of work we do together.

You MIGHT experience what we call: 
healing crisis (especially if there are sickness or traumas)


The healing crisis is part of the healing process in any natural therapy. It comes with an increase of the symptoms and may take several hours, days, up to several weeks or months (rare) to work their way through the energy system.


As we explore your mind and work on your energies. Shadows, discomfort, doubt, fear, heavy thoughts, heavy memories and emotions might come up. You might feel dizzy, tired, vulnerable, confused and shaky.


Also, as the healing energy flows through your physical and subtle bodies, it encourages the gradual release of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual

"toxins" that have made their way into the cellular memory and built up in the energy system over time.

As these toxins are released, you might momentarily experience one or more of the following symptoms: flu-like symptoms, fever, headache, sore throat, coughing, aching joints and muscles, tingling sensations, nausea, constipation and diarrhea.


Temporary changes may also take place in your sleep habits such as needing to sleep more often and longer or being wide awake when you normally sleep.

Deeply held emotions that have been repressed from past experiences such as grief, fear, depression, sadness, anger, and frustration may surface for no obvious reason. There may also be times when suppressed memories or other recollections surface in order to allow the body and spirit to heal. You may also feel empty and alone. Old and current behavior patterns may become magnified. You may also experience judgmental, blaming, victimizing, and abusive thoughts. As the spiritual body is purified, beliefs about life, religion, relationships, how the world operates, and self-identity may be shaken and will need to be questioned and revised.


As uncomfortable emotions and thought patterns from the shadow self come into your consciousness, simply allow yourself to observe and experience them without getting too caught up in them. Acknowledge the old emotions and thoughts as they pass through you as how you once felt, and then let them go.


You are releasing your past, your old self and getting closer to your goals…Congratulations!


Welcome your new understanding of those old limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and have the courage to let them go. Form a new spiritual foundation based on true wisdom, inspiration, and understanding. Meditate and look within for your own answers.


All of the uncomfortable experiences that accompany a healing crisis are commonplace and are not usually cause for worry or concern. They naturally result from the process of bringing the flow of Reiki into the energy system. They are nature's way of purifying body, mind, emotions, and the soul, making way for higher levels of consciousness to be grounded in the body. Rather than being symptoms of illness, they can be viewed as signs of true healing in progress. It is also important to note that the symptoms of a healing crisis are not caused by Reiki, rather, the Reiki energy helps to bringing awareness and healing to those imbalances that are already active within you.


Please do not hesitate to share how you feel. Bring up any question, concern and discomfort to my attention so I can support you on your journey.

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